You are YEETUS! Your weapon? The very floor beneath your feet! YEET your surrounding terrain into destructive projectiles. Be strategic, though. A hasty shot may mean a long fall down to your doom in YEETUS, a casual time survivor game with roguelite elements.

Releasing December 15 on: Steam Steam

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Snow Folks

Discover the magic of a winter wonderland with Snow Folks! You can build snow forts, houses and anything you can imagine. Get creative with your friends in the ultimate snowball fight, or play solo and create your own snow day adventure!

Releasing January 5 on: Steam Steam

Other upcoming projects

Dice Crypt

Dive into Dice Crypt! A thrilling digital board game where you and your friends compete to conquer a mysterious dungeon.

Keep The Heroes Out

(Digital Version of an existing Physical Board Game, made in partnership with Brueh Games)

An asymmetric, cooperative dungeon defense game for 1-4 players where you play as the monsters protecting their hard earned treasures against invading hordes of looters (so-called heroes) trying to steal it.


Build and manage your own cozy coffee shop in this relaxing, customizable, multiplayer game. Serve unique drinks, complete daily tasks, and collaborate with friends to make your shop thrive.